About Us

Our History

Since 2002 the members of the Southern Utah Networkers have been helping each other grow their businesses grow through business training, networking and exchanging qualified referrals.
Our group is business exclusive, meaning one business from each industry. This eliminates internal conflicts of interest, and allows more focus between members.
Over the years members of our group have generated leads that have literally changes the face of member businesses.

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Our Why

As business owners we realize that trying to do it alone doesn't work. From start-ups to seasoned businesses many of the same problems occur. The things that we are facing are identical. So coming together as a cohesive group gives us the collective power to learn what actually works, by educating ourselves, proving ideas and them sharing the success. Everyone needs a cheerleader.

Our How

Each Friday at 7:30 a.m. we meet for one hour of intensity. We share our successes with BIG High Fives our failures with Big Wide Shoulders. But as a business exclusive group, we live withour our fear that are competitors will see our weakness as we learn and grow. There is a strong intimacy between us. There are times when we poor out our hearts, talking of our dreams and passions for the future. With the trust that each person in the group with keeps the highest level of confidentially

Our What

We are a business exclusive network group, made up of location southern Utah businesses owners and managers.