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Southern Utah Networkers Code of Ethics

1. To provide quality products and superior services.

2. To be honest in my dealing with follow members and their referrals.

3. To build goodwill and trust among members and their referrals.

4. To follow-up on all referrals I receive, and feed back the results.

5. To uphold the ethical standards of my profession.

6. To have a positive and supportive attitude.


Dues are $ 60.00 per year for all SUN Members. Dues are used to cover the cost of printing member packets, events, etc.

Attendance is critical to our chapter. You must be present to give or receive leads. Sun members are asked to attend weekly meetings or arrange for a substitute to attend for them. If a member misses more than three meetings in a row we will assume that their position is open.(Unless we hear from you.) Please call one of the officers and let them know if you're not able to attend.

Visitors will be able to attend any Sun chapter for 3 chapter meetings. After the 3 chapter meetings has expired you must pay your dues to continue. In the case were there are two or more individuals of a given profession that visits the group, the first person to pay the $ 60.00 dues will be accepted.

One member from each profession will be represented in each Sun chapter. If a member specializes in more than one classification (i.e. Insurance, Real Estate, etc.) said member may have to choose one of to focus on with that chapter.

The person who is doing the Spotlight Presentation will be responsible for the Door Prize. After a presentation, anyone giving a lead to a qualifying business is eligible for the prize. The door prize should not be any type of "discount" coupon requiring the individuals to have to spend money to benefit. BE CREATIVE!

Leads slips should be filled out completely and, whenever possible, before our chapter meeting. Urgent leads should be given to members during the week. The lead slips can be then turned in at our regular meeting. Although not a guaranteed sale, a good lead is an open door to discuss your business with someone who is interested in your product or service. Personal contact is a vital part of a bona fide lead.

SUN members are to follow up on leads given to them in a prompt and professional manner. All members are required to follow the Sun Code of Ethics.

Chapter members who have any problems or concerns with business practices or attitudes of other chapter members should bring concerns to the Board of Directors. Members are cautioned against discussing any problems with the membership in general. The Board of Directors should be notified if a member has any concerns over visitors and/or conflicts with classifications.